The Energy Transition Game was first developed in The Netherlands. However, the aim have always been to spread the game across Europe and to make it open for contributions. You are warmly invited!

Co-creation of the Energy Transition Game has two main objectives:

  1. Customization and localization. Translating the game and making it relevant for your local setting. Scenarios, playing cards and even the gameboard can be adapted to the situation that applies to a certain country or region. Think of local legislation, prices or opportunities to receive discounts.
    It is also possible to translate the game to your language. As an example of this: the game has already been translated and in somes cases adjusted to the following languages and countries: English (ISSO), Hungarian (Comfort Consult), Spanish (IVE), Italian (Unibo), and Slovenian (IRI-UL). Use this file for translation and the manual for localization and customization.
  2. Improvement and expansion. Does playing the game give you new ideas about how to improve certain elements? Does it make you think of a real-life situation that could be translated to the game? Let us know!

The following elements of the game can be adjusted:

  1. Building types (for example: apartment building, cultural heritage, or utility buildings).
  2. The gameboard (image of the building in the background, cardholder placements).
  3. Measure and chance cards (can be adjusted or added).
  4. Scenario cards (can be adjusted, expanded and added).

Please take a look at the customization manual before sending your contribution.

Become an ambassador

Would you like to organize a pilot of the game in your country? Are you interested in localizing the game or translating it to your language? We are looking for ambassadors. Feel free to send an e-mail to Jan Cromwijk.


The further development of the Energy Transition Game is a fully transparent process. New adjustments or additions can always be used by others if it is to their interest.

Contributing to the Energy Transition Game equals contributing to a network of co-creation. In this way, it will eventually be possible for anyone to get engaged and learn about sustainability of the built environment in a fun way.

Publishing translated and customized versions of the game

  • All adjustments will be published under a Creative Commons (CC) license.
  • Small adjustments to the original game will be published by ISSO as an adjustment to the original version.
  • Making a translation of the game publishable costs about €300,- (excl. VAT). Translated version can be produced in badges of 50 copies minimum.
  • Adjusted versions of the game will be published in accordance with the contributor.
  • All revenues will be invested in further development of the game.

All contributions, suggestions for localisation and question can be send by e-mail to Jan Cromwijk.